• Name: BMPF-1 uncontinuous PU sandwich panel production line
  • Number: BMPF-1
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BMPF-1 uncontinuous polyurethane sandwich panel line, with the processing polyurethane foaming
that injected into panel and solidified, can simultaneously be in load and unload working, so
called “two in and two out”. It has the features of the smaller figure and cheaper than continuousline and it is suitable for building refrigerator house and other small constructions.

● Dimension of the sandwich panel available to produce:
   Sandwich panel (Max): 8000 mm ×1200mm×200mm
   Mould board(Max): 8300 mm ×1400mm×80mm
● Dimension of installation: 26000mm × 4500mm × 2200mm(length × width × height)
● Peak pressure: 200 t
● Hydraulic power: 15Kw
● Heat power : 65Kw
● Movement power: 0.37Kw ×4
● Obliquity of main engine: 0-15degree
● Including fixed/stable mode function